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Creating a unique signature
Form over function

The approach to developing a watch at Fugue starts with a signature design. It strives to reinterpret watchmaking codes by paying homage to the classics and provoking a real aesthetic emotion.

The shape of the first Fugue watch was born with the help of Marc Tran, former industrial designer for Bang & Olufsen, Jaguar, and now partner at Fugue. In a clean and timeless manner, his design aims to give extra soul and character to the wrist of its wearer.

Smart by design

Thus, the brand's first model, the Chronostase combines essential style with a unique experience. The case uses an innovative two-part assembling system designed to be interchangeable and offer endless combination possibilities. As a result, Fugue operates a paradigm shift in the world of watchmaking: with a simple gesture, it allows matching a watch to a look or a mood.

The Chronostase offers a respectful yet uninhibited approach to watchmaking with an object fit for everyday life.

Making a case for modularity
A singular approach to watchmaking
Discover the storyDiscover the story

01 — Modularity

02 — Story

03 — Craftsmanship

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